Up front pricing


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £54.89
Re-examination £46.88
Exotic £43.43
Exotic Re-examination £42.32
Small Pet (ie hamster) £43.06
Urgent £80.25
2nd Opinion £104.03
Prescription Review £44.44
Nurse Consultation £26.75
Prescription Fee £28.50

Our consultations are 15 minutes and include a full clinical examination each time

For out of hours consultations please contact Vets Now


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Vaccination Course £99.99 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £68.00 Included
Dog re-start Vaccination Course £99.99 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £68.00 Included
Kennel Cough with other vaccination*  £32.00 Included
Kitten Vaccination Course with FelV £99.99 Included
Kitten Vaccination Course without FelV £68.00 Included
Cat Booster Vaccination with FeLV £68.00 Included
Rabbit myxo/RHD Vaccine £60.00 Included

* If you have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough at the same time as the annual vaccination, kennel cough is charged at £32.00.
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Rabies Vaccine

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Rabies Vaccine £87.65 10% discount
Rabies Booster Vaccination £87.65 10% discount

We will also advise you on what precautions you need to take while travelling to protect your pet against tropical diseases.

There may be additional costs for blood testing and lab fees.

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  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castration under 40kg £270.00 £216.00
Dog Castration over 40kg £320.00 £256.00
Bitch Spay under 40kg £365.00 £292.00
Bitch Spay over 40kg £400.00 £320.00
Laparoscopic Spay £600.00 £480.00
Cat Castration £87.75 £70.20
Cat Flank Spay £125.00 £100.00
Laparoscopic Cat Spay £400.00 £320.00
Rabbit Castration £92.00 £73.60
Rabbit Spay £130.00 £104.00
 Cryptorchid Castration (Laparoscopic) £540.00 N/A

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All neutering prices include post operative pain relief as standard.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Microchip Identification £30.00 Included

Animal Health Certificates

  Standard Price
Animal Health Certificate £225.00

Ultrasound (pregnancy)

  Standard Price
Ultrasound (Pregnancy Diagnosis) £85.00

High resolution allowing accurate pregnancy diagnosis. We can see a heart beating that is as small as 2mm.


  Standard Price
Cat £120.66
Dog £165.15
Rabbit £65.00
Guinea Pig £60.00
Small Pet £45.00
Exotic £60.00

There will be additional fees for sedation and/or cremation services if required